Freakshow Guitars

we create the most awesome guitars in the world

using a combination of a quality instruments, hardware and beautiful, premium graphic designs.
Viral Series Guitars
Freakshow Guitars began with the introduction of our Viral Series Guitar line.  These include designs based upon Movies, Characters, Stories, etc.  Tributes to the famous and infamous, the memorable and the forgotten.

Looking for something really unique that you're not finding here?  Ask us!  We do completely custom designs at a very reasonable cost to allow you to to create something as unique or abscure as you wish.
Designer Series Guitars
Everyone has different tastes and Freakshow Guitars soon realized that some musicians like designs that were awesome, but a little more standard.  Our Designer Series Guitars include many takes on famous and popular guitar designs.

Looking for that perfect match to some old graphical guitar?  If you can't find it here...ask us!  We can likely recreate that design you have in mind at a very reasonable price.
Artist Series Guitars
As time marches on, we unfortunately have to see famous artists leave us.  At Freakshow Guitars, we decided to create our own Artist Series Guitars as tribute designs to celebrate these musicians and give "shout outs" to those still making music.

Celebrate a musician or maybe get that perfect match for your cover band!  We can make anything...just ask us!
Pro Series Guitars
When working with graphics, you can do pretty much anything.  Introducing our Pro Series Guitars where we combine wood, metal, inlays, Abalone and lots of other cool combinations into professional looking, beautiful masterpieces.

We will soon be adding our 3D Pro Series Guitars which will include actual 3D objects as part of the design.  Also keep an eye out for customization options such as volume/tone knobs, etc.
Naughty Series Guitars
We consider our guitars quite nice.  But everyone has different styles and attitudes so to be inclusive, we have releases our Naughty Series Guitars.

Whatever your style, your mood or your attitude, Freakshow Guitars have you covered!  If we don't have it...we can make it.  Looking for adjustments to our stock designs...we can do that to.

Just ask us!
Awesome Custom Graphic Guitars!
Welcome to Freakshow Guitars!  When I was a young musician so many years ago, I also dreamed of becoming a Rock Star.  We all do and we take on the style, mood and attitude to match the music and the lifestyle.  But with the price of guitars today, many of us were stuck with something...less than spectacular.  But not any more!

Freakshow Guitars are quality instruments for stage or studio, hand selected, upgraded and then wrapped with a brand work of art.  Choose from our designs or have our graphic designers make something totally unique...just for you!
Attitude Series Guitars
Freakshow Guitars uses the tag line "Your Style, Mood or Attitude" to describe the purpose of our unique products, and our Attitude Series Guitars help you do just yourself.

So get your style set, your mood in gear and your attitude on!  Our guitars are quality instruments, skinned with a beautiful, horrible or awesome glossy guitar skin.